Safe and yummy is our motto…


What does it mean for us? Making every product with home-made taste, standardized and consistent, to satisfy all our valued customers and it’s guests, always.


Latin American and Caribbean food is very rich in flavors and options. We want to bring the legacy of our culinary culture all over the world. We are innovating every day to bring new options of modern and ancient cuisine.


Our main goal is to build long term commercial relationships… that is why we work very hard to keep our orders prepared, shipments on time and products at their best.


All our products meet high standards of Food Safety and HACCP, with FDA & USDA Certificates. Our delicious finger foods are proudly made in the states, with trustworthy and high quality ingredients.


Innovate your menu including a caribbean appetizers… latin finger food with home-made touch.



Crab Meat is 100% Blue Crab from the beautiful waters of Venezuela. We only process fresh, live crabs which are steam cooked and then hand-picked to our high quality specifications. The product is then hand-packed in 1 lb plastic tubs and shipped daily, ensuring the freshest products are delivered to our customers every day. It is packaged 20 x 1 lb.


We offer a variety of Shrimp that will adapt to your business specific needs. A wide range of color (A3-A5) , size (26-30 to 90-120) and presentation (HOSO, HFSO, PUD)

 Venezuelan Arepas

We have a variety of milled corn products that are naturally gluten free, Arepas are one of them. They are delicious and perfect for everyone. Our Arepas come in different sizes and flavors adapting your menus needs. Your chefs can let their creativity expand designing amazing fillings for them.

 Colombian Empanadas

Perfect combination of chicken or beef and potato. The unique corn we use for the dough makes this empanadas the crunchiest of all on the outside but moist and delicious on the inside. Perfectly fried, they hold perfect for hours under a lamp or chaffing dish. We also have cheese flavor witch we simply adore!

 Argentinean Empanadas

This empanadas have the homemade flavors of a house kitchen and the consistency of industrial cooking. We manufacture different flavors for this unique empanadas like beef, chicken, onions and cheese and spinach. It’s a great options for those who want to eat healthy since they are baked.

 Brazilean “Pão de Queijo”

Pão de Queijo “Cheese Bread” is a small, baked, cheese-flavored roll, a popular snack and breakfast food in Brazil. It’s made with cassava flour, witch gives it it’s unique texture. From kids to grown ups this a Favorite option for a buffet breakfast.

 Arubian Pastechis

This wheat turn over, it’s one of the mot important part of Aruba’s cooking legacy. Served as breakfast or as a snack they come in different flavors: beef, chicken, ham and cheese and cheese. We also have our own versions like caribbean (ham, cheese and pineapple), hot (pica), Nutella and many more.

 Mexican Tortillas

We have a broad offer regarding Mexican tortillas. From wheat tacos tortillas (plain, whole-wheat, cereals, spinach and tomato) to corn tostadas. We offer home-made flavor round chips, corn soft tortillas, triangle tortillas among others.


Big hotels, smalls hotels, restaurants, caterers… across the Caribbean

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